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Canon EOS 650 & EOS 620: How to use - Video manual

A video showing how to use the Canon EOS 650.
Made in 1987, it was the first model ever of the Canon EOS series featuring the new EF lens system which allowed autofocus.
Canon EOS 620 followed a few months later and was almost the same but had a few different functions, like double exposures and higher shutter speeds.

0:00 The camera
0:50 Attaching the lens
1:26 Loading the battery
2:34 Loading the camera
3:20 Setting the ISO
4:10 Taking photos
4:40 Quick Start - the Full Auto mode
6:13 Advanced settings
6:24 Autofocus modes
7:03 Film winding modes
7:25 Self-timer
7:53 Shooting modes
8:15 "P" (Program)
8:34 "Tv" Shutter Priority
9:15 "Av" Aperture Priority
9:50 "M" Manual
10:37 Depth
11:08 Checking the depth of field
11:27 Bulb-long exposures
11:51 Exposure compensation
12:23 Partial metering
12:55 Removing the film

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Music "Orange" by Topher Mohr and Alex Elena

Canon Eos 650 how to load a film and how to use 캐논 이오스 eos 650 사용법

최초의 EOS | Canon EOS 650 | 정말 간단한 소개 영상

한국에서 카메라 판매량이 가장 높았었던 캐논!!
캐논은 EF 마운트를 사용하는데요.
그럼 최초로 EF 마운트를 사용했던 카메라는 무엇일까요?
오늘은 정말 간단하게 알아봅시다.
#캐논EOS650 #canoneos650 #eos650




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